All our jobs, regardless of size start with a big conversation. By asking lots of questions about your design goals, the atmosphere you’re looking to have in your home or business, and what you or your customers need in the space, we are able to compile a “to do” list that becomes the blueprint for your project. From this brief and estimate of fees is determined in writing. Approval of the brief and fees begins the design process. It all starts with us listening to you.

Sketch design

A variety of initial ideas are created which are presented as sketches or storyboards (or both depending on the job). These designs are overall concepts that are open to change, to combining parts of several concepts and of course modifications from your feedback.


Initial designs are expanded upon, re-combined, edited and refined. Detailing is considered at this point – Again lots of questions, ones we ask you like….do you wash your dishes to the left? How many filing drawers does each staff member need? Will there be naps on this sofa? Where will your customer sit? And ones we ask ourselves like which way will this the joinery unit open? What dimensions are needed? What finishes will make this pop?? The concept is developed via CAD drawings till they become finalised working drawings that are used for quoting by our manufacturers

Manufacture – Ta da stage!

To ensure quality control, your furniture or joinery is manufactured locally by experienced and dedicated craftspeople — and we only use the best. Same goes for materials too, we use the highest quality foams, steel springs, hardware, fabrics and timbers available. Upholstery frames are made from solid timber, and are guaranteed for 10 years.

Our extensive Interiors experience has built up a construction network and a pool of people we draw on regularly for building, electrical,  painting etc We also offer a project management service for planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling the project if required. We also work with architects and clients builders, joining other larger teams as design consultants.  Regardless of the scope of the job, all work is overseen during the manufacture/build to ensure that it is completed in accordance with approved drawings, and the end result is perfect.

Why not drop us a line or give us a call? We look forward to creating furniture and interiors that are perfect for you and your clients.