Portfolio / Custom

Contra Chair

The piece was designed as a focal point for an interior before it became a chair.

Aerial view of Sofa and Floormat
Hindmarsh Library Sofa

Different seat depths on the sofa, accommodate the littlest kids to the largest grown up.

library - children's area - koush - st peters
St. Peters Children’s area

A curvy banquette that encompasses and highlights a heritage stage.

custom furniture - palm bed veneer upholstered bedhead sled leg - koush
Prospect Bed

Designed to live in an a specific shaped room, a pared back aesthetic plus storage within.

hotel - custom rug - koush - adelaide
Grand Chifley Rug

Designed to incorporate botanical elements from the overall interior in a stylised way.

Trapeze bookshelf

Made of a powder coated steel frame and plywood boards with hidden storage.

Con-ed Detail
Con-ed Boxes

Inspired by New York's manhole covers, stackable resin boxes with engraved lids.

Cadalino Brooches

“Put your joy on your chest” Limited edition series of 16 designs.

Ecko Recliner

Multi-positionable gas-lift comfort.

Goosebump Stool

Rubber balls lock like 3D cogs.