Experiencing Work (From A Student Perspective)

We get a heap of requests from students in the Interior Architecture program at UniSA wanting to come into the office to complete a block of work experience. It’s a great avenue for them to see how the professional design world works.

Melissa Romeo is one of those students who has spent a day here each week for the past 5 weeks.

We’ve asked her to answer a few questions for us so that future students can gain some insight as to why work experience is so important to the professional development of a young designer.

If you are a current uni student interested looking to gain some experience here at Koush, places fill up fast, make sure you get in early and have a passion for furniture to avoid disappointment!


Was the job anything like you expected? What was a surprise?
To an extent I expected some aspects of doing work experience. However, I did not expect to be so involved with the processes of your designs. i.e. go out on site, visit suppliers or sit in on meetings- which I enjoyed as this gave me insight on what to actually expect of a job in this field. I did not think I would get a chance to have an input in designs- I had a go with office space layouts, it was nice to have the opportunity to be a part of the team.

What is your take home message about work experience to share with other students?
My take home message to other students about work experience is to not be afraid to look outside the box- not the same companies as every one else. Look for smaller businesses that have a distinct trade mark in the industry, more specifically within the desired field of design- for me it was furniture! Also, be open and show initiative- take on board the idea that this is your job and put 100% into it.

Did you learn anything specific about interior or furniture design?
I learnt quiet a bit about interior and furniture design specifically about the intended use of a space or products it is not only about the current occupant and future occupants- so always think ahead of your designs.

Has your time here influence what area of deign you want to get into?
My time here has influenced me in regards to furniture design. Before having done work experience here I solely wanted to get into furniture design. However looking at the projects past and present interior space it has really spark a new interest in interior spaces not just furniture and joinery within those spaces.

What do you think is the best aspect of the job from what you have seen?
The best aspect of this job from what I have seen is the overwhelming positive feedback from the clients and further credits from others within the field of design – having work exhibited around Australia. It is that sense of satisfaction that drives the passion to continue. (Melissa was referencing the Jam Factory 40th Anniversary show, where the Cranberry Jam sofa is currently on exhibition around Australia!)