Endeavour College

Our redesign of the Endeavour College started with a blue-sky conversation about how to bring this underutilised area to life. The school had an idea for us to work with an old scholar to create a mural and some furniture pieces around a forest theme. We presented the school with three design concepts of varying complexity and budgets. They selected the most immersive option that now completely defines the mood of this area.

The trees and seats, tie in with the mural to allow students to curl up next to a possum and imagine another world. We also worked with the artist to ensure the 2 and 3 dimensional elements worked in harmony and our wallpaper suppliers to print and install the artist’s mural. We also worked with skilled frame-makers and upholsterers to create the upholstery elements.

Upholstery stitch detailing created bark and growth rings and highlights and shadows on the final surfaces to add interest and a semi-realism tying back to the mural.

Shelves tucked between tree trunks create a mini-library for shared books and storage. We inserted feature carpet colours into the existing grey carpet to further define the sense of space.