Police Legacy

Police Legacy supports South Australian police officers and their families, providing financial and emotional support. Their brief to us for their new Gillies St office was to create a welcoming, friendly space that served legatees, staff, volunteers and the board.

We created a meeting room full of sunlight with a soft pink ceiling for private conversations. The reception filled with soft toys used for fundraising means families with children are instantly at ease. Much of the office is visible from the entry, with a timber-screen minimising distractions for staff.

A collaboration space is incorporated in the centre of the open-plan office, with sofas and height-adjustable tables screened from the reception by custom planters.

The primary purpose for the back half of the space is as warehousing for promotional and other materials, deliberately concealed behind curtains, yet easily accessible. The kitchen island and two corridor units are mobile to facilitate packing and event preparation and allow the space to be completely reconfigured along with the board room walls which also open. Behind the curtains maximum storage and weight capacity was achieved at a minimal cost with racking shelves.

An accessible toilet plus additional facilities was also designed and built with warm, welcoming colours and long-wearing terrazzo floor tiles.